Welcome to E&SPN's new Product Selection Tool. We've developed this tool to assist customers when they are deciding on the products they want to purchase and/or offer on their online store that we've set up for them. The Product Selection Tool is organized by product categories, which are as follows:

  • Poly/Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirts

  • Poly/Cotton Hooded Sweatshirts

  • Specialty/Two-Tone Sweatshirts

  • Performance Quarter Zip Sweatshirts

  • Legwear

  • Poly/Cotton V Neck T-Shirts

  • Poly/Cotton Crewneck Sweatshirts

  • Performance Shirts

  • Performance Full Zip Sweatshirt

  • Headwear

  • Poly/Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirts

  • Poly/Cotton Full and Quarter Zip Sweatshirts

  • Performance Hooded Sweatshirts

  • Polos/Wovens

  • Accessories


Within each category we've provided links for products that are frequently ordered through us. When clicking a product link, customers will go to the product page of that style number(s) that provides product specifications, descriptions, size ranges, and color options. At the end of each category, there are more links that will enable customers to browse through catalog pages to view other products within each category. Should there be a question about a product or the desire to get a price quote please email spst1@stny.rr.com and E&SPN's staff will get back to you with answers to product questions or a quote in a timely fashion. 


If a link shows a price DO NOT consider this as the price that E&SPN will sell that item for. Prices for products are quoted on a case by case basis and are dependent upon designs and locations printed and/or embroidered, quantities ordered, etc.

Cotton & Poly/Cotton T-Shirts



Short Sleeve Shirts

100% Cotton T-Shirts:      

50/50 T-Shirts:    

Lightweight Fashion T-Shirts:


For more Short Sleeve T-Shirt options Click Here or Click Here


V-Neck T-Shirts


For more V-Neck T-Shirt options Click Here or Click Here


Long Sleeve T-Shirts

100% Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirts:

50/50 Long Sleeve T-Shirts:

Lightweight Fashion Long Sleeve T-Shirts:


For more Long Sleeve T-Shirt options Click Here or Click Here


Additional options available at Alphabroder and Sanmar

Poly/Cotton Sweatshirts


Hooded Sweatshirts

12 oz. Reverse Weave Hooded Sweatshirts:

  • Champion S1051 82% Cotton/ 18% Polyester (Men/Unisex)

9-10 oz. Hooded Sweatshirts:

8 oz. Hooded Sweatshirts:


For More Hooded Sweatshirt options Click Here,  Click HereClick Here, or Click Here


Crewneck Sweatshirts

12 oz. Crewneck Sweatshirts


9-10 oz. Crewneck Sweatshirts

8 oz. Crewneck Sweatshirts


For more Crewneck Sweatshirt options Click Here or Click Here


Full Zip and Quarter Zip Sweatshirts

Full Zip Sweatshirts


For more Full Zip Sweatshirt options Click Here or Click Here


Quarter Zip Sweatshirts


For more Quarter Zip options Click Here or Click Here


Specialty and Two-Tone Poly/Cotton Sweatshirts

  • Holloway Low-Key Hoodie 6 oz. 50% Cotton/37% Polyester /13% Rayon (Women)

  • Holloway Prospect Hoodie 9 oz. 60/40 (Men/Unisex, Youth)

  • J. America 8830 Laced Hoodie 10 oz. 80/20 (Men/Unisex)

  • J. America JA8885 9.5 oz. 80/20 Vintage Heather Pullover Hood (Men/Unisex)

  • Pennant 715 Laced Hoodie 9.5 oz. 80/20 (Men/Unisex)

  • Pennant 7246 Vintage Grey 9.5 oz. 80/20 Hoodie (Men/Unisex)

  • Pennant 7247 Twin-Streak 9.5 oz. 80/20 Hoodie (Men/Unisex)

  • Sport-Tek ST267 9 oz. 65/35 (Men/Unisex)

  • Tie Dye CD877 8.5 oz. 80/20 (Men/Unisex, Youth)

  • Code Five 3969 Camo Pullover Hoodie (Men/Unisex)


Additional options available at Alphabroder and Sanmar

100% Polyester Performance Items




Performance Short Sleeve T-Shirts:


Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirts:


For more Performance Shirt options Click HereClick Here, Click Here, Click Here, or Click Here


Performance Hooded Sweatshirts



Performance Quarter Zip Sweatshirts


Performance Full Zip Sweatshirts


For more Performance Sweatshirt options Click HereClick Here, Click HereClick Here, or Click Here


Additional options available at Alphabroder, Augusta/HollowayBadger, Pennantand Sanmar



Poly/Cotton Blend Polos



100% Polyester Performance Material Polos


For more Polo options Click Here or Click Here


Woven Shirts

  • Port Authority S608 4.5 oz. 55/45 Easy Care Long Sleeve Shirt (Men/Unisex, Women)

  • Port Authority S658 SuperPro 4.6 oz. 60/40 Oxford Shirt (Men/Unisex, Women)

  • Van Heusen 56800 60/40 Classic Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt (Men/Unisex)

  • Van Heusen 59800 60/40 Classic Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt (Women)

  • Port Authority SW285 V Neck Sweatshirt (Men/Unisex)



For more Woven Shirt options Click Here or Click Here


2219-SportGrey-6-18200SportGreyFlatBack-337W (1).jpg


Poly/Cotton Sweatpants

Open Bottom Sweatpants

  • Badger 127700 9.5 oz. 60/40 With Pockets (Men/Unisex)

  • Badger 127000 9.5 oz. 60/40 With Pockets (Women)

  • Badger 227700 9.5 oz. 60/40 With Pockets (Youth)

  • Champion P800 9 oz. 50/50 With Pockets (Men/Unisex)

  • Champion P890 9 oz. 50/50 With Pockets (Youth)

  • Gildan 12300 9 oz. 50/50 With Pockets (Men/Unisex)

  • Gildan 18300 8 oz. 50/50 With Pockets (Men/Unisex)

  • Gildan 18400 8 oz. 50/50 Without Pockets (Men/Unisex, Women, Youth)

  • Jerzees 974 8 oz. 50/50 With Pockets (Men/Unisex, Youth)

  • Pennant 706 10 oz. 60/40 With Pockets (Men/Unisex, Youth)


Elastic Bottom Sweatpants


Jogger Sweatpants





100% Polyester Performance Sweatpants

Open Bottom Sweatpants



Jogger Sweatpants



For more Sweatpant options Click Here, Click Here, or Click Here



  • Bella+Canvas 812 5.3 oz. 95% Cotton/ 5% Spandex (Women)

  • Boxercraft S08 6.5 oz. 90% Cotton/ 10% Spandex (Women, Girls)

  • Augusta Brushed Back Leggings 90% Polyester/ 10% Spandex (Women, Girls)

  • Sport-Tek LPST890 8.3 oz. 87% Polyester/ 13% Spandex (Women)


For more Legging options Click Here



  • Badger 210700 Performance 6-Inch Inseam (Youth)

  • Badger 410900 Performance 9-Inch Inseam (Men/Unisex)

  • Badger 411600 Performance 5-Inch Inseam (Women)

  • Badger 220700 Mesh/Tricot 6-Inch Inseam (Youth)

  • Badger 720900 Mesh/Tricot 9-Inch Inseam (Men/Unisex)

  • Badger 721600 Mesh/Tricot 5-Inch Inseam (Women)

  • Badger 721900 Mesh With Pockets 9-Inch Inseam (Men/Unisex)

  • Badger 211900 Mesh With Pockets 7-Inch Inseam (Youth)

  • Champion 8731 Mesh 9-Inch Inseam (Men/Unisex)


For more Shorts options Click HereClick Here, Click Here, or Click Here


Additional options available at Augusta/HollowayBadger, Sanmar, and Pennant


More Headwear options available at AlphabroderAugusta/HollowayOutdoor CapOTTO Cap, and S&S Activewear



We have found that customers have very specific needs when choosing jackets to be customized. For this reason, it is difficult to make suggestions without first knowing the specific needs of each customer, so we have instead provided links to our suppliers so that customers can browse the full selection of options available to them.




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